Sunday, January 8, 2012

Judging a Book by its Cover

Do you judge a book by its cover? Well I do...not in the metaphorical way of judging people by their appearance, but quite literally when I am choosing a book to read! I love beautiful, thoughtful cover-art that leaps out at you from the book stand and I very much dislike the movie version poster replacing the original covers!!!!!!...although I do unhappily own some. I believe that there is something very personal and self-reflective about the books we are most drawn to and hold close to our hearts. The beautiful energy that our most treasured books contain grows stronger each time they are read by us or those with whom we have shared them...I can't imagine a world without books!! Here are 4 of my favourite covers.

One of my favourite weird pastimes is scouring 2nd hand and antique bookshops for different editions/covers of my favourite books. Pretty sad hey!?? oh well...I find it interesting to see all the different (and amazing) cover art that is used for the one book, because you not only see the influence of that time period, but also how the book has been marketed to a range of different audiences during these times. Here are some covers of Jane Eyre that I have;


I also obsessively look for the edition/cover of books that I loved when I was younger or that a teacher read aloud in class....I think because I want to recapture that world of safety, comfort and anticipation I felt in response to these books. Some of these books are The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Where the Lilies Bloom, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Secret Garden. These are the covers I remember;


I must admit though that as I recently moved house I did have a big clean out and gave away many of my 'versions' as I told myself they were not necessary or important....and they aren't, but I wish I still had them. Maybe I can start collecting them again - how exciting!! I am on holidays at moment, so have plenty of time to get started..yay :)

Let me know what your favourite book covers are and if you have any editions from your youth that you would like to find!

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  1. I agree completely. I do prefer some covers over others and, if at all possible, I will not buy or even check out from the library the movie poster covers. Yuck.


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