Saturday, January 26, 2013

I WILL be Creative!!!

This year I have made myself a promise to make more time to do the things I love and to be more creative! Too often I find myself working when I get home instead of enjoying myself so this is an area of my life I really have to work on. 

Anyway, at the beginning of the year I took down my old calendar and said to myself, as I do each year, 'The pictures in this calendar are beautiful! I'll keep this calendar and frame some of them or cover something with them'. I then placed the old calendar on the bench ready for me to re-use. It has been sitting there ever since and I am sure I have a number of calendars I thought I would do the same thing with just sitting in my garage waiting for me. As I was cleaning up today I picked up the calendar from the bench and thought 'I am never going to actually do anything with this!' and headed out to the recycling bin but in the time it took to walk outside, guilt crept in and wrapped itself around my thoughts as I remembered my promise to be more creative, so I turned around and came back inside with the calendar.

I sat down, looked at the pictures in the calendar and waited for 'creativity' - it had to be there somewhere!! But alas I couldn't find it, so I searched the internet for upcycling ideas. I came across these super cute envelopes made from ruined Little Golden Books and thought  'Hmmmm, why not try and make these envelopes and maybe even some writing paper from the calendar!' So that was what I did, or I should say what I have started. 

I finished the envelopes today and I think they look pretty good - I would like to get a letter in a beautiful envelope like one of these. Here they are - my first go at upcycling - from 2012 calendar to ready to use envelopes! :) (Forgive the crappy photography which makes them look skewed and crooked though). What do you think? Do you do anything with the pictures from your previous years calendar? Here are three of my favourites....

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  1. They turned out well! Yes, I'm sure the ones who receive notes or letters in these will be very pleased!


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