Friday, January 18, 2013

Alphabe-Thursday: Ii


This great meme is hosted by Jenny Matlock. Click here to visit the website and join in the fun! I am going to use Alphabet Thursday to show off some of my favourite children's picture books each week! I love using picture books in my teaching and do have a particular fondness for vintage picture books. 

Here is this weeks book by Pamela Allen who is one of my favourite children's authors! It is called I Wish I Had a Pirate Suit, recommended for children aged between 5-9 years. My copy is a new edition - I would love to find an old hardcover edition at the second hand bookshop one day though!!

Were you the youngest child who always had to be the crew or the maid or the monster, but never the pirate or the Queen/King or the Hero???? Were you the one who got all the second hand costumes, clothes, shoes etc?? The poor little brother in this book was! This is a great book to teach about playing nicely and letting friends or siblings have a turn sometimes :)


I Wish I Had a Pirate SuitHere is the synopsis  for I Wish I Had a Pirate Suit taken from Peter has a pirate suit and all the power to go with it, while his younger brother has to serve as the crew on their imaginary pirate ship.


  1. The illustrations look really fun!

  2. what fun! I love books, and children's books are a favorite. Hope to see more of your AlphabeThursday posts in the future! {:-Deb

  3. childrens' books offer an endless source of delight. i love the books of Barbara Cooney. Patricia Palacco, , the Pinkneys' Van Allsburg! Oh, the list goes on and on. And, I agree with you about loving the vintage books. Storybooks that were made long ago have a certain look to them that nothing new can match. Wonderful post for letter I

  4. I love children's books, nicely illustrated and usually with a wonderful moral lesson woven into a fanciful tale. You have such a lovely blog and post.

    Yes, catnip is good for us. If you want to know more about it, click on the catnip picture on my sidebar. I love researching and sharing info re herbs.


  5. It's certainly a very nice book, the problem here is all kids read in French they don't know English, lol !

  6. Wonderful illustrations! Most apt post!

  7. I love children's books but haven't read any in years! This one looks great. Lovely 'I' post. :-)

  8. I'm a Pamela Allen fan too. I used to be a preschool teacher and this was a favourite, along with Waddle Giggle Gaggle and Who Sank the Boat (of course).

  9. I don't know this book, but I'm going to look for it.

    Our youngest Grandlittle is entranced with pirates!

    This would be great as we continue to help her improve her reading skills!

    I'm excited to find this for her.

    Thanks for sharing it.



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