Friday, January 11, 2013

Been to the Second Hand Bookshop AGAIN!!

Okay, I have just come back from the second hand bookshop and as usual I have a box of picture books in tow! I know I have to stop doing this, but I can't help myself when I see amazing and beautiful picture books for kids that I can use in my classroom. Does anybody else out there come home with a stack of books every time you go to the second hand bookshop?? I'm sure I'm not the only :) 
You meet really interesting people at second hand bookshops too, and every person has a passion for a specific type of book. I love finding out what they are looking for - such diversity within one little shop! I also love it when you find something inside the book like a note, a postcard or newspaper clipping that tells you a little bit more about the book and the person or people who have read it. I will have to show you the newspaper clipping I found inside a book  about cats one day, but that is another story!
Anyway, the one that I am sooooo excited about today is this one:

It is John Burningham's ABC! His illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and full of character. I got it and 8 other picture books for $1!!!!! YES just ONE DOLLAR!! You have to check out these illustrations. Here are a couple of my favourite:

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  1. The illustrations are good enough to frame! I love reading on my ereader....but....I love the pictures in books. It will be a shame when they are gone and we can't hold a book in our hands. I, too, love when I find a note or clipping in a book! :-)


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