Thursday, January 10, 2013

Theme Thursday - ANTS

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Ants! Such a pain!
They come everyday.
One long single line,
To the pantry again.

I track the line back,
To where they came from.
A new place each day -
A corner, a crack.

It’s a game that we play,
The pesky ants and I.
Where will they have come from,
When I get home today?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pamela,

    I really enjoyed your poem and must admit that it is so truthful for what is going on at my house right now. Although our ants just keep coming from the same spot. I have been using this natural mixture to get rid of them and so each time there seems to be less and less of them. I take a mixture of Borax, honey, and water, soak some cotton balls with the mixture
    and put them where I see the ants. It seems to make them disappear within a day or two but sadly they have come back. I want to try a mixture of Borax and Jam but I am not sure how to get the Borax to dissolve. But as of today the ants are not even searching. Maybe the mixture did work in killing the queen. I guess you have to kill the queen to kill the nest.

    Such little pests and so much trouble.

    Thanks for playing and sharing this poem with all of us at Theme Thursday. Hope your weekend is going great.

    God bless.


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