Monday, April 1, 2013

The Lake of Dreams By Kim Edwards

The Lake of DreamsTitle: The Lake of Dreams
Author: Kim Edwards
No. Pages: 371
Themes: Love, loss, redemption, women's suffrage
Genre: Fiction
                  Rating: 3 stars
The Lake of Dreams is a story of love, loss and redemption that delves into the darkness of one family’s grief stricken past uncovering a history of lies and secrets. When Lucy returns home to the Lake of Dreams she is quickly entangled in uncovering the story of an unknown distant relative and her quest to solve the mysteries of her family’s past takes her on a journey that ultimately allows her to come to terms with her own grief around the passing of her father when she was a child.
This was a good read and quite interesting at times when dealing with the topic of women’s suffrage. The plot is strong and the characters are both well developed and believable. Not amazing, but I definitely enjoyed The Lake of Dreams and it was an easy read.

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