Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Happiest Refugee: My Journey from Tragedy to Comedy By Ahn Do

Author: Ahn Do
Published: Allen & Unwin
No. Pages: 304
Themes: Refugees, life, family
                  Genre: Autobiography
                  Rating: 4.5 stars
The Happiest Refugee is the life story of Australian comedian Ahn Do. It documents his early life in Vietnam, the plight of his family as they travelled by boat to Australia as refugees and their new life in Australia.
It is a story that will move you to tears at times but make you laugh out loud at others. Reading about the journey from Vietnam to Australia really brings to light the horrendous and unimaginable trauma that refugees such as Ahn Doe and his family have suffered. It is a tale that certainly made me realise how lucky I am to be born in a country like Australia. I found it heartwarming to read about the genuine and profound gratitude and love for Australia that Ahn and his family show and I was inspired by the generosity and kindness they have shown to others despite their own hardships.
This was a really well written book that covers a topic few people know much about in a heart wrenching and honest, yet inspiring way. I definitely recommend this book to others.

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